ge profile oven problems

If your oven gets warm but doesn't seem to be reaching proper cooking temperature, you may need to adjust the temperature setting. Their service department and Customer … In addition, if I use the touch panel to raise the temp, many times the temp will not raise. GE APPLIANCE SERVICE 1-800-GECares (1-800-432-2737) Also, for what it's worth, here is a blog that I ran across that offers some repair stats on appliance brands for anyone who is interested: I've run maybe 1/2 a dozen high heat cleaning cycles in the 8+ year life of the unit, which I assume might contribute to failure. So glad to hear I'm not the only one with this issue. Obviously, the most concrete sign is when your oven isn’t producing heat. Start by entering a model number into our search box. I checked the oven temp on convection bake and it was 50 degrees off. For those who love to spend time in the kitchen more power to you. So be careful checking real-time temp by moving the knob while you have baked goods in the oven. In summary, I've decided it's a quirk that's not worth worrying about. The temperatures are fine once they settle down. Locking mechanismThis is the assembly that is supposed to lock and unlock automatically after the cycle is complete. Bake, roast and convection roast work. In practice, that means I wait for temp-obtained signal from the oven, then wait another 15-20 minutes before putting the goods inside. I've been finding that my oven temps, long after stabilization times, are frequently, but not always 50 degrees lower than the setpoint. GE Profile double wall oven PT75505F7SS was installed in our new house on 3/14/2018. Joined Jan 21, 2011 Messages 6 Location New York. If you are using the bake option of the oven and it is working fine, it is similar to using the convection roast option. The touch pad had an F0 fault code, called an appliance tech and he advised to change the touch pad. It has a beautiful black gloss oven interior that adds a great touch to the kitchen. Any help would be appreciated. Start here to browse GE Appliances' official support documentation for owners of GE refrigerators, ranges, microwaves, ovens, dishwashers and other GE appliances. Use the number buttons on the key pad to adjust the temperature higher so your oven becomes hotter. Experts serve up advice on caring for these kitchen appliances, which work extra hard during the holidays, Have all the options for ovens, with or without cooktops and drawers, left you steamed? I rather be outside. It comes up to temperature, but once it gets baking on bake or convection, it drops temperature usually between 30-100degrees (Since it varies there is no compensating for this). Other than that, I have had no other issue with this range. If your oven temperature does not seem to be correct, check the following: Make sure the oven preheated and set to the proper temperature. The utility rates are going to increase in my area. I don't recall if the general pattern is lower or higher than the previous target. Your range’s oven may fail to heat if its controls are not set properly. The valve can inadvertently get closed while you are cleaning or moving the oven. Or two, so you can check different areas of the oven? We’re only a phone call away. The repairs will last for 6 months then we start having problems again. Search Help by Model. Not pleased with this unit at all. It does not keep the temperature. The weirdness comes when the oven has been set to some temperature, and I reset it to a higher one. But it's weird, because if the temperature was really 50 degrees off then I'd expect to see it in my baking results. It sure seems like something is wrong, and I'm going to put in a service call. Or so the guy who sold them to me said. We have a Profile multi-fuel / gas top and electric/convection range P2S975SEM1SS. Fix: To test the accuracy of the oven, all you need is an oven thermometer, which you can pick up for as little as $6 (£4.81 or AU$7.94). And my guests like the idea of grilled foods in all the seasons of the year. Look at the posts starting at "Tue, Mar 27, 12 at 16:39". The display ought to start out somewhere in the neighborhood of 350, but it'll be like 385, or even 400 accompanied by the beeps indicating it's preheated. If your gas oven is cold, it's usually the result of an ignition issue. Suggestions anyone? I am currently debating between 27" double wall ovens and have them narrowed down to Kitchenaid, GE and Frigidaire. Need your GE oven fixed ASAP? I don't like the propane oven for baking cakes & pies, I use my small convection oven for those, but meats & veggies done in propane are lovely, it's a moister bake, which is why it's not good for pastry. Strangely the internal meat thermometer is not setting reliably as well, but functions once it takes the settings. GE support tells me it's likely an internal computer issue, which I assume means the control board needs replacement. I also posted this in the thread below, which is about the similar slide-in range. I have been doing a lot of heavy baking and noticed things were taking twice as long as they should to cook. Accordingly, I think somethings wrong with OP's unit. If your burners are functional but the oven doesn't heat, though, power supply usually isn't the problem. Here is a link that might be useful: Similar problem reported to Consumer Affairs. Name of Product: GE®, GE Profile™, Monogram® and Kenmore® Wall Ovens. I've done this before. A "]" icon appears in the range’s display, and the clock no longer displays. Apparently, their specs allow for a range from 325 - 375 when you set the oven to 350. To minimize the possibility of electric shock, unplug this appliance from the power supply before attempting any maintenance or cleaning. He said because of the design of the range - the oven vents directly beneath the electronic control panel - and I often use temps above 500, it probably shortened the life of the control panel. Have you tried getting an oven thermometer to check? We love to cook and find the range unacceptable because of the temp fluctuations. I checked the inside and it read 300. Clearly the preheated signal is too soon in the case I described in my original post, where I'm raising the temperature of an already-heated oven. Those are good. I restart the oven each time it drops, and the sensor shows how low it has gotten and now it is reheating all over again. Although this thread is about electric ranges, I have the same issue as you have, along with another issue in my 10 year old Profile gas range. die App nutzen, stimmen Sie der Verwendung von Cookies und von ähnlichen Verfahren der Houzz Gruppe zur Verbesserung der Produkte, Dienstleistungen, zur Darstellung von relevanten Inhalten und um das Nutzererlebnis anzupassen, zu. GE Profile PTS7000SNSS: You can’t go wrong with this oven, which has almost identical specs (including the air fry function) to the Café model we … How to Troubleshoot a Whirlpool Side-by-Side Freezer That Doesn't Seem to Be Freezing, How to Troubleshoot Why a Frigidaire Oven Model Number FGF378ACE Won't Heat Up, GE Appliances: Electric Free-Standing, Slide-In, and Drop-In Ranges Owner's Manual, GE Appliances: Electric Induction Free-Standing and Slide-In Ranges Owner's Manual, GE Appliances: Self-Cleaning Gas Ranges Owner's Manual, GE Appliances: Double Oven Self-Cleaning Gas Ranges Owner's Manual, How to Troubleshoot a GE Trivection Range, A Troubleshooting Guide for a Whirlpool Electric Range. By listening to your gas oven, you can actually tell if igniter problems are coming. He is not amused either. For models with lower oven drawers, you’ll need to take off the rear access panel by removing the thumb screws in the upper left and right corners so you can reach the valve at the back of the range.

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