144hz option not showing up

To run 1080p@144Hz you need to use dual link dvi or displayport. I've downloaded the monitor driver settings and am up to date on nvidia drivers as well. You then need to check Windows is actually set at the advertised refresh rate Possible it is trying to run in clone mode as terry suggested(would be odd as extended is the usual default). The drivers have been installed and the product name is showing but 144hz isn't an option. My card is R9 295x2 and my To test shut the system down and unplug that LG monitor from the gpu and turn the system back on and see what options you get in the nvidia control panel. And here is the new wrinkle that is relevant to this discussion. Fun with LED Matrices on the Pi Cast at 1:30 PM Eastern!! My old set up was a gtx980, two monitor set up. Set it up and it looks great and everything the only issue is that I am not able to get it to 144Hz at 1440P. As for free sync, it won't have an option. So I just got the Acer XG270HU in the mail today. The 144Hz is built into the monitor. I checked the specs of the cable and it seems to be DP 1.2 which is enough for 1440p 144hz if I am not … Hello guys, my cousin recently bought a DELL S2719DGF and I went to his house to help him with setting it up as he isn't much of a tech guy him self. Horrendous. Using the thumb drive, I know where to look for the driver. Discussion Predator XB1 not showing 144hz? No refresh rate option in the NVIDIA Control Panel - Acer ED242qr 144hz, 144hz capable HDMI splitter not giving option for 144hz. Then select the downloaded driver. 2x 780tis in SLI here. Under hdtv/ultra hd which is at the top of the list(and likely where you are looking) 144hz will not be an option. Okay so I just got a new rig today, 1080ti, and my 144hz monitor isn't showing a 144hz option anymore. The hdmi and vga connections on that monitor only support 1080p@60Hz. If you got that then just open properties and increase the refresh rate from there. The issue is that in the Nvidia control panel there is no option to set up G-Sync. I doubt that the monitor is defective on a hardware level. You should test the Nvidia beta drivers to see if any of them give you 144Hz in the Nvidia Control panel. Hello. The second monitor may not be adjusted to 144Hz even if it has the capacity to do so. BUT only 60Hz and lower are choices showing in display properties when I try to personalize my display. Hi all, I bought a Dell monitor S2719DGF and I can't push it at 144Hz. I suggest you get another cable..i got amazon basics and it worked. You need a Displayport video cable to support 144Hz. DräpareN So I just bought myself the BenQ XL2411Z 144hz monitor. The drivers have been installed and the product name is showing but 144hz isn't an option. I picked up two last month from Amazon at $738. Is what people are saying about the 770 not being able to support enough pixel clock for a 144hz display I used the Display-port cable and did not see the 144Hz option. BenQ XL2411Z 144hz monitor not working properly! The 1920 x1080 should already be set in Windows Display. Read through this for more data. This would be easy to fix if the Resolution options in the Display menu had 1920x1080, but they only go up to 1280x1024! The easiest way is to turn on your OSD and find it. You just gotta turn of vsync.. Monitor has a chip in it. The amd drivers were updated to the latest version as of today and even though the monitor supports freesync the option was not available through the radeon settings as well. You must be upset if you are unable to access high-quality performance due to … I checked the freesync setting which was set to on but amd software did not allow it to be enabled. I checked the specs of the cable and it seems to be DP 1.2 which is enough for 1440p 144hz if I am not mistaken. My installation of Windows 10 Pro 64 recently died. But when I went to the windows settings to set the refresh rate to 144hz the only option was 60hz. Yep, the XB270HU is 1440p, IPS, 144hz, 4ms, GSync. I tried … Yes you can see the pixels if you sqiunt at the screen from 6 inches away, but only then.-Im not … I thought I would bring up a new wrinkle. Also it is listed as 'Generic PnP Monitor'. Check your monitor setting to see if it supports 144Hz.

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