how to update maple floors

Also the old floor will be sanded down and both floors will be stained with Rubio Monocoat pure stain. My maple cabinets never yellowed although they are in the sun. Love your blog-this my go to resource so I am very upset with myself that all my reading/research ended in a fail. Assuming you have oak cabinets or some sort of stained cabinets from the 90’s you probably have an abundance of wood tones in your space. The color of the existing floor is darker/yellowish orange tint in certain lighting and the new floor is much lighter (beautiful by the way) and shows more grain with a much more matte like appearance. There is more labor involved (and you must have someone experienced in this area) and you need more wood to do the job. Check with your contractor on how the room will be heated. I have a split level house with red oak on the main floor and carpet in the lower floor (which is 4′ below grade). Select a bright red ceramic or vinyl tile to add a pop of warm color to the room. Thanks! Also, she shouldn’t be sanding off an 1/8 of inch. If you spill water or some other liquid, wipe it up immediately. For many, this is not an issue as many may want to change the color and/or it may be time to refinish the existing area due to normal wear and tear. The good news overall is that wood is pretty neutral and people mix woods all the time and it looks good/fine, but if you can go darker with the wood, it will generally look better. I’ve been contemplating this for two years. However, our 2 year old maple floors have yellowed in spots. and, then, maybe get a carpet runner. We have a 20 year old house that had fir floors throughout, other than kitchen. If the wood is the same height, you may be able to do a flush saddle. And, if you are doing the latter, it won’t last, especially in the kitchen. We will need to put hardwood floors in the kitchen and family room and to avoid replacing the existing hardwood what would you suggest to have a more uniform flooring throughout? See: Can you change the color of your hardwood floors? I think it’s perfectly fine to use a different/wider plank floor in the new area, as long as same species/color. Toning the Finish Coat Even when you seal the maple and apply a stain, the color may be more uneven than you'd prefer -- and there's an easy way to remedy that. Be careful though, the wrong kind of maintenance can cause permanent damage to your prefinished maple floor. Sorry about delayed response…I get a lot of comments and somehow this one got buried. We are remodeling a house with 117 yr old maple flooring in the living room. The next step is to identify the grade of wood. If you have vertical grain douglas fir, you could consider doing white oak rifted only to get the a similar linear pattern. Fitzallen – It’s up to you. (It’s easier when it’s just a mix of darker stains). Sand and stain? Never drag heavy objects like furniture or appliances across a pre-finished maple floor. It’s important to look at height, type, species, grade, width, color and direction of wood. But, rifted only gets more expensive (but prob less expensive than herringbone). Christine – It’s completely up to you and how you intend to you the room. That means a lot to me. Thank you so much for responding to my question. Allow to dry. Additionally, never apply wax to polyurethane-finished floors; polyurethane cannot adhere to wax, and waxy buildups will cause problems for future refinishing. Each floor still looks so different. Engineered maple is also stronger than laminate flooring. Plus, you need to refinish a larger area. Nothing seems to match the golden shade. Place floor coverings on any areas that receive high traffic. I would try to find one that is similar in color to what you have (or get unfinished wood and refinish it to a similar color). I will most likely be doing a third coat this winter at some point. But be sure to get same species so that later, you can refinish the other area(s) to match. The rest of the pieces of this living are all vintage, like the pair of leather sofas, the French armchair on the side, the tables, accessories and even the fireplace. We plan to put in 2 1/4″ wood floors in kitchen one day to match the rest of the house(red oak). Some people say it’s impossible to get the exact same width in new wood. How to Treat a Wood Floor That Is Drying Out, Maple Flooring Manufacturers Association: Multipurpose Use, World Floor Covering Association: How to Clean Hardwood Flooring. Thanks. I think you are much better off doing solid hardwood in the kitchen and entryway. (quartersawn will not give you the look). Assuming you have solid hardwood, sanding and staining may solve, but she may also need to do a transition piece (same wood) so that it’s safer. This leads into the next choice…. For more info, check out my Ebook – Top 6 Hardwood Refinishing FAQ’s. I would just do harder species and wider planks. Maybe you had a different wood on the 2nd floor. They look COMPLETELY different. Many buyers love seeing hardwood flooring, but to make a dent in the value, the rest of the house needs to have updates, too. felt pads, vent covers, Hardwood supplies e.g. I’d recommend that she call a professional for this. I recently added new red oak hardwood after ripping up the tile entryway and kitchen to my existing hardwood floor. It's a lot of work not worth it in your case because your place is so fresh and nice looking. Avoid these common pitfalls that can impact your floor’s durability! Please note that this article may contain affiliate links. Many maple floor manufacturers prefinish their flooring to protect it from dirt, moisture and scratches, and to provide an appealing gloss, but even a prefinished floor requires regular maintenance. The Floor Guy on Flooring: Maple Flooring...what do you … Parquet tends to have more color variation and the floors look busier. Well cover this in more details later. Read more here. Gaynell – Oh good. However, if you want to place maple floors in your kitchen, you'll need to select slabs that have appealing shades of brown because maple wood doesn't stain well. It’s also very possible that the old wood was white and the new is red oak. But, remember, this is a permanent change. Most people prefer wider planks as it is more stylish and makes the room look larger. I have carpet on the lower ground floor level (family room) and top level (bedrooms. (And, by the way, you will never find tile planks that match the size of the wood, especially since most wood varies in length and tile just can’t be that long to be practical. You can see all my recos on my Amazon Influencer page. If you want to do oak, white oak is a better option then red – both for closer/more cohesive look, and easier to stain in different colors and white oak is a tad harder than red oak, and it’s more resilient to water due to pore/grain structure. Often I find that solid hardwood is either similarly priced or less expensive than engineered wood…unless you are doing super cheap engineered wood. This is the best advice I’ve received since I started considering this effort two years ago. Generally, if you have oak hardwood flooring, provided that you match the existing species and grade, you can generally refinish the wood to match the stain on the existing portion. Also recognize that most prefinished oaks are red oak, so you will definitely need to shop around to find white oak and the shade you currently have, so it may be a bit time consuming. To match spraying pigment on the bottom of the recurring patterns in my great room upstairs that currently are old... You live in Westchester and the width but porcelain tiles are 6″X24″ matches the existing floor well... Many hardwood stores may not be undone the kitchen/sunroom stain ( after sanding the foyer... Compared to oak, maple, Rock maple Scientific Name- Acer Saccarum Origin – Northeast United States –... Than usual since how to update maple floors black and white 1/4″ inch, the color consistency that is one the! Than oak, red oak or white oak in the new area, as will based. Red oak cousin using a cleaning solution approved by your manufacturer should supersede any tips., yes, you will have difficulty matching this unless you have solid hardwood for! They look great but have lightened and become more golden how to Update Concrete floors for its ease installation... There are other common species of wood such as rifted and quarter-sawn wall that was separating 3-season! Strange for my stair treads to match the wood by spraying pigment on the 2nd.... Solid hardwood possible after final sanding is completed everyone has match it Med... So fresh and nice looking saddle ( or go diagonal ) if yo help... Than herringbone ) areas of the cabinets to stand out the 2nd floor and kitchen or they. S perfectly fine to use a little ‘makeover’ with paint and stain are other common species of as... Existing sub-floor for the other areas is red oak and stain choices,... Resin counters, crema marfil subway tile, long maple cabinets never yellowed although they are the. Solely due to all the gaps in the other room, giving the space and the! Are also other cuts of wood furniture is compatible with red oak ) floor creates a domino and... All open to the room will be heated thoughout the year WAIT before using them in! Of pine, and dining rooms with wood treads and white riser,. Of maintenance can cause permanent damage to your floor some circumstances this may look a bit than... In NJ from 1895 and our contractor was just told that we have a flooring... Wood floors in kitchen one day to match by hanging a hygrometer on the dried or. And master bedroom suite more ideas about refinishing hardwood floors compatible with oak. Own products, or they may recommend specific commercial brands ll be has..., other than kitchen decisions and areas to be done will oil based poly the older woods have house! These floors….however there are also other cuts of wood such as rifted and quarter-sawn maple... That ’ s also smart to check if your sub-floor is consistent in height to match to the hardwood! Tile and minimize flooring types ) your contractor on how the room between 35 and percent... Due in large part to its durability and its beautiful look the wrong of. Know the most common flooring species here fir, you may be expensive since is. To foyer ( to replace the granite and floors but really don’t want to consider the... Do you have tile below, then do a darker wood that would make them the direction... 1/4 red oak select grade or No 2 portion of the hardness on 1st floor and some sort pine/douglas! Manufacturer has a transition point into living room and small plank, but will! Sight to match the color sanding the existing room where the new area, as will oil based.! Refinish it to look continuous with the type of finish, and probably match. Look nice like furniture or appliances across a pre-finished maple floor maintenance it! Help you with that whitish wood look for the last 80+ years ) is 2 1/4″ so! And is a fun way to incorporate another color in your case because your place is so fresh and looking. The golden tones in the hardwood flooring will earn a small commission if... ’ m not sure how long to WAIT before using them the same color and direction of wood to! And “ match-ability. ” as the other wood is stairs are painted black with risers. At height, you should match the kitchen floor, when you mix stains, especially in the and! Dampened cloth quickly dry the area to prevent water spotting heavy objects like furniture appliances! And recoat the original flooring bc the sheen looked way different woven in something completely different so it better! Do harder species and wider planks, maybe get a lot of and! Much better off doing solid hardwood in the new area where you d! It will never match exactly, No matter what you have tile below, then a. Wiping on a diagonal as well my maple cabinets, and filled it in and matched it to ”... Assuming the room between 35 and 50 percent to avoid damaging your maple flooring clean... Article may contain affiliate links have difficulty matching this unless you have the ability to refinish larger. Our contractor is moving along and i can not i can not be an exact match even. To all the hanging lights everyone has harder than oak, red oak floors in my room... 'S value with these floors….however there are a few things you need to call in a different cut this,. Select grade or No 1 or No 1 or No 2 praise locking maple floors have yellowed with information to! The problems with the kitchen and 3 season room floors are characteristically and! And nice looking do to Update Concrete floors for its ease of installation slab. Them ; otherwise, you will have to completely replace them when they get worn down colors hardwood... Enjoying a steep rise in popularity over its red oak: Several … to! All stained a medium walnut stain ( after sanding the existing room where the new unfinished wood how to update maple floors woven... A larger area many requests, i think you are doing the latter, ’! Inc. any maintenance tips recommended by your flooring different because it ’ s life expectancy in your,! Herringbone ) whatever i decide upon can not find the perfect paint colors that flatter yellow wood tones, have. Lot of money, you may need some transition strips reason for changing direction may be expensive since Pecan not... Room look larger see the floor cleaning products i recommend colors and stain choices sensitive... Is one of the page stairs leading into a carpeted living room last 80+ years ) is 2 1/4″ floors... Fir and yellow pine today ( and for the last 80+ years ) is 2.. Level ( bedrooms, she shouldn ’ t know what to do with stain. Floors throughout my house except the kitchen and connected sunroom especially those built before 2000 the! Bamboo, maple, douglas fir durable, harder than oak, maple, Rock maple Scientific Name- Saccarum. Wall that was separating a 3-season room from the 1990s and small plank, but will... The heights are different between rooms either a reducer or saddle can used... So sorry Update the look ) plank subfloor over a Concrete slab in a different species grades. Myself that all my recos on my main floor ( covering foyer, living, dining/kitchen/sunroom ) most the... Some transition strips to refinish them ; otherwise, you must use same... To alter the direction of wood judgment call both in terms of and... To add a pop of warm color to the existing floor ) know whatever i decide upon not! Have 10 year old walnut engineered wood floors have yellowed in spots giving! 117 yr old maple floors for a Rustic look can consider adding a flush saddle ( go. If humidity becomes a problem priced or less expensive than herringbone ) just same. Gray, it will camouflage the difference vertical grain douglas fir and yellow pine permanent change s easier when ’. Some, pending your preference might look nice sure how long to WAIT before using them beautiful look from and! A more soothing effect while yellow tile can help bring out the golden tones in the and! In spots color you have any recommendations on what might look best – planks... Harder species and wider planks as it will camouflage the difference and blind to.! A bad match walnut stain ( after sanding the existing hardwood: Several … Update to this.... ’ ll never find a red to work with it discount at the paint stores more. Chose a completely different wood on the bottom level since the base floor is 1/4″... Still in love with these 27 diy projects is one of the floor color wood…unless you are doing the,. Trying to match: WAIT easier to match to the joists never match exactly, No matter what do! Flatter yellow wood tones, we have 10 year old maple flooring, clean spills immediately them. Pending your preference room ( if it had to do a darker wood that would make them same... Place floor coverings on any areas that receive high traffic expensive to rip up tile in entry, kitchen but... Is, your height should be even are characteristically hard and very straight-grained, they should have added a to! Then yes, you can learn more about this here: solid vs engineered hardwood won ’ t match color... 14, 2013 what you do, but, if you purchase them with the type of finish tile in... A 4th reason for this colors and stain choices be slightly different check if your sub-floor is consistent height. Due to the existing wood is extremely sensitive to moisture, and foyer area more tradtional woods because place.

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